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TRP Research Tasks

Active Tasks

Summer 2004:

TRP 17. Interaction between metal fission products and TRISO coating materials

TRP 18. Corrosion Mechanisms and Kinetics of Steels in Lead-Bismuth Eutectic

TRP 19. Dissolution, Reactor, and Environmental Behavior of ZrO2-MgO Inert Fuel Matrix

Fall 2004:

TRP 21. Oxide Film Growth Modeling in LBE Systems

TRP 24. Development of Integrated Process Simulation System Model for Spent Fuel Treatment Facility (SFTF) Design

TRP 28. Impact of the Synthesis Process on Structure Properties for AFCI Fuel Candidates

Summer/Fall 2005:

TRP 29. Investigation of Optical Techniques for On-Line Materials Accountability in the Solvent Extraction Process

TRP 30. Combined Radiation Detection Methods for Assay of Higher Actinides in Separation Processes

Fall 2006:

TRP 32. Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Electromagnetic Pump in TC-1

TRP 33. Synthesis and Properties of Metallic Tc and Tc-Zr Alloys as a Radioactive Storage Waste Form to Stabilize the Tc Waste Stream of the UREX+1 Process

TRP 34. Solution-based Synthesis of Nitride Fuels

TRP 35. Criticality Studies for UREX Processes

Spring 2008:

TRP 36. Evaluation of CS / SR Waste Forms for Long Term Storage and Disposal

TRP 37. Thermal Transient Flow Rate Sensor for High Temperature Liquid Metal Cooled Nuclear Reactor

TRP 38. f-Element Electrochemistry in RTIL Solutions: Electrochemical Separtion of Lanthanides and Actinides

TRP 39. Knowledge-based Information Resource Management System for Materials of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor

TRP 40. Evaluation of Fundamental Radionuclide Extraction Data for UREX

TRP 41. Implementation of Uncertainty Propagation in TRITON / KENO (to support the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership)

TRP 42. Monaco / MAVRIC Evaluation for Facility Shielding and Dose Rate Analysis (to support the Global Nuclear Partnership)

Completed Tasks

TRP 01. Design and Analysis for Melt Casting Metallic Fuel Pins Incorporating Volatile Actinides (Completed: June 2004)

TRP 02. Modeling, Fabrication, and Optimization of Niobium Cavities (Completed: July 2005)

TRP 03. Corrosion of Steel by Lead Bismuth Eutectic (Completed: May 2004)

TRP 04. Environment-Induced Degradation and Crack-Growth Studies of Candidate Target Materials (Completed: December 2004)

TRP 05. Modeling Corrosion in Oxygen Controlled LBE Systems with Coupling of Chemical Kinetics and Hydrodynamics (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 06. Neutron Multiplicity Measurements of Target/Blanket Materials (Completed: December 2005)

TRP 07. Development of Dose Coefficients for Radionuclides Produced in Spallation Targets (Completed: April 2006)

TRP 08. Development of a Systems Engineering Model of the Chemical Separations Process (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 09. Design and Evaluation of Processes for Fuel Fabrication (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 10. Development of a Mechanistic Understanding of High-Temperature Deformation of Alloy EP-823 (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 11. Nuclear, Criticality, Shielding, and Thermal Analysis of Separations Processes for the Transmutation Fuel Cycle (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 12. Radiation Transport Modeling Using Parallel Computational Techniques (Completed: August 2004)

TRP 13. Developing a Sensing System for the Measurement of Oxygen Concentration in Liquid Pb-Bi Eutectic (Completed: May 2005)

TRP 14. Use of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy for Stress-Strain Measurements (Completed: December 2006)

TRP 15. Immobilization of Fission Iodine by Reaction with a Fullerene-containing Carbon Compound and Insoluble Natural Organic Matrices (Completed: October 2007)

TRP 16. Evaluation of Fluorapatite as a Waste-Form Material (Completed: December 2006)

TRP 20. Effect of Silicon Content on the Corrosion Resistance and Radiation-Induced Embrittlement of Materials for Advanced Heavy Liquid Metal Nuclear Systems (Completed: December 2007)

TRP 22. Design Concepts and Process Analysis for Transmuter Fuel Manufacturing (Completed: November 2007)

TRP 23. Corrosion Barrier Development for LBE Corrosion Resistance (Completed: November 2007)

TRP 25. Electrochemical Separation of Curium and Americium (Completed: December 2007)

TRP 26. Fundamental Chemistry of U and Pu in the TBP-Dodecane-Nitric Acid System (Completed: December 2007)

TRP 27. Reactor-Accelorator Coupled Experiments (RACE) Project (Completed: September 2007)

TRP 31. Decoupling and Disturbance Rejection Control for Target Circulation (Completed: December 2007)10:03 AM 5/13/2008

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